Hello Stranger!

My name is Willemijn F. S. Rog (Willemijn Frederieke Shaoke). In 2018 I started my own business making art as an entrepreneur. I discovered new skills in filmmaking, painting,  illustrating, and many other techniques while I studied Teacher of Fine Art & Design at Art Academy Minerva, in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Nowadays, I am an artist and work as a freelance teacher. To create a new narrative, I research several themes like human rights, social problems, ethics, ethnicity – and many more – throughout my artistic practice.

The creation of art means ultimate freedom to me. It entails artistic choices based on subjects from my personal life and social themes. Just as my works can depict a grim, distorted reality, I also engage in visual journalism in which I record observations within the social domain – think of care, refugees, and education, for example. Ultimate freedom means that art may transcend disciplines. Interdisciplinary collaborations are a meaningful outcome that makes the value of culture visible. Art is a language that communicates. I, therefore, see myself as a storyteller without the medium hindering me.
On the contrary, the chosen medium can authentically convey the message in its way. When I was young, I started as a cartoonist, in which you learn to think in dialogues, characters, different worlds, and how you position yourself as a creator in this. Something I have since incorporated into my work as an artist. There isn’t just one way to tell a story: it’s about how you want to translate it. Suddenly, there is room for creation.

This website shows different projects, collaborations, techniques, and insights about how I perceive the world from within.