Hello Stranger!

My name is Willemijn F. S. Rog (Willemijn Frederieke Shaoke), born in 1996 in Shaoyang, Hunan, and adopted by Dutch parents when I was young. As a kid I developed a great passion for drawing. Since 2018 I started my own business in making art as an entrepeneur. I discovered new skills in film making, painting,  illustrating, and many other techniques while I studied Teacher of Fine Art & Design at Art Academy Minerva, in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Nowadays, I am an artist and work as a freelance teacher. I research several theme’s like human rights, social problems, ethics, ethnicity – and many more – throughout my artistic practice, to create a new narrative. I aim to make children and young adults look closer to their environments to built up social-cultural awareness. I want them to develop a critical voice in the world of arts. That’s why I try to connect their creativity with the great possibilities of craftsmanship.

This website shows different projects, collaborations, techniques or insights about how I perceive the world from within.